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Applied Data Science for BI Professionals and DBAs

Data plays an ever-increasing role in today’s society and provides a wealth of possibilities for you and the organization you work for. As a BI professional and/or DBA you are probably used to working with data every day, but what if business requirements can no longer be met through traditional solutions? In those cases, more-and-more organizations look to data science to provide a solution.

But how and where do you start with things like exploratory data analysis or machine learning? Thankfully as a BI professional or DBA you have a head start when it comes to working with data, and through this full day workshop you will learn the additional skills you need to take your first steps in the area of data science!

What you will learn during this workshop:

  • Understand the basic concepts of data science processes and why it’s different than traditional approaches;
  • Get more familiar with statistical terms and techniques and learn why they are important;
  • Making a start with programming in the R language;
  • How to use R and Azure Machine Learning to build your first machine learning models;
  • Operationalizing your models through various methods like in-database R using SQL Server or through the Azure Machine Learning webservices.

When: Q1 2018  Where: To be determined