• Storage & OS Configuration

  • SQL Server Configuration

  • Performance

  • Good-Practices

  • Security

  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery

  • Performance Bottlenecks

  • Data Architecture

What a Healthcheck can mean for your organization

Insights into your data performance

Through our healthcheck your company will recieve valuable insights in how your data is performing. By turning those insights into actions your organization can be sure your data performs optimally.

Making sure your data is secure

You want to make sure your data and that of your customers is stored securely and is protected from all kinds of (cyber) threats. Our Healthcheck shows you where the risks are in your environment and how you can avoid them.

Extra pair of eyes

The Data Masterminds team exists of community-experts that have years of experience working on real-world data related challenges. Their knowledge and experience can help you detect those difficult to identify issues and help you solve them.

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