Data migrations. Cross platform, towards the cloud, or both.

Database migration

Many organizations choose to move to the cloud as strategic data platform of choice for hosting new or existing solutions.
We can migrate your databases for you.  We have the expertise to deliver a ‘worry free’ migration.

Database Lift & Shift

For each database that we move we check for the best fit target platform based on its workload characteristics.
Restored into either IaaS VM’s or in the cloud as managed PaaS.

SQL Server heatmap

As part of the migration preparation we build Workload heatmaps of the current database usage. Based on life database usage profiles we identify the top10% most demanding databases within your organization.
We also know which ones are hardly used. These insights simplify priority setting & decisions where to start.

Application landscape

We have the specialized tooling and expertise to migrate databases with the confidence that ‘nothing breaks’. Especially applications that have been running for many years on-premises hands-off.
By sniffing all network traffic in your datacenters we can build a full application landscape mapping with all internal and external connectivity.
With insights in connectivity and network bandwidth usage we guarantee a smooth transition.

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