• Remote monitoring

  • Automated system health checks

  • Emergency response

  • Continuous performance analysis and tuning

  • Database CI/CD management and support

  • Licensing optimization and advice

  • Sysadmin/DBA/Developer training and mentoring

  • High availability & disaster recovery planning and testing

How CloudDBA helps your organisation

Making sure your databases are healthy

CloudDBA collects and analyses the configuration for all your databases and automatically makes sure they comply to industry best-practice configurations, are maintained regularly, and are always available.

A team of experts

If the CloudDBA solution detects that something is not configured correctly, or there is an issue with your database landscape, our team of data experts is automatically notified.

This means no long response times because incidents are bouncing between different support teams, an area expert will look and fix the issue directly!

Built-in reporting

Everything we collect and detect with CloudDBA is directly available through our reporting whenever, and wherever, you are.
Our reporting gives you a direct overview of your database landscape and shows you how your databases are configured, if they are healthy and how they are performing.

Different levels of services, tailored to your needs

The CloudDBA service is designed for clients that are looking to either enhance their internal IT team through external experts, or to replace missing resources where they cannot be sourced locally in the data platform area.

CloudDBA is a fully managed service by Data Masterminds and helps your organization to keep its data secure, compliant to best-practices and standards and always available when your organization requires it. The services that make up CloudDBA are divided into a series of modules that are tailored to your organizations requirements and strategy.

No surprises

We deliver the CloudDBA product and all the related services through a fixed price, per month, model. This means there are no financial surprises and you know exactly what to expect.

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